Road Department

Our road department is responsible for care and maintenance of 59 miles of roads within the township. In addition, there are several state and county highways that are maintained by the county.

Summer duties entail grass cutting in the right of ways, various repair work to the roads and ditches, and coordinating and working with the paving and reconstruction projects that occur in the town.

The type of roadwork that can be done each summer is dependent on the budget, which is set by the meeting of electors at the budget meeting during the middle of November. The amount that can be budgeted depends on a variety of factors including state revenue caps which limits the amount the town can raise the tax levy each year.

 The condition of our roads varies from good to very poor, with many requiring extensive reconstruction. The cost varies by the length of road to be repaired, its condition and how much base and ditching work is required. It is and will continue to be a challenge to maintain and repair the roads with the funds available.



 For a driveway permit(also known as a culvert permit) please download the forms below:  Culvert form and Culvert Installation example

Download this file (Driveway Access  Form 20150615.pdf)Culvert form[print example also]142 kB
Download this file (Culvert drawing2.pdf)Culvert installation example[ ]173 kB