Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Town Hall?

The Town of Erin town hall is located at 1846 STH 83 South, Hartford, WI. 262-673-3682
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Who enforces town ordinances?

The town does not have a town police department. Law enforcement is provided by the Washington County Sheriff's Department. They do not, however, enforce town ordinances. The town code provides for several enforcement officers:

Building Inspector- Enforces the uniform dwelling code.
Emergency Management Director-  Enforces public safety, health and welfare, and emergency management. 
Park Superintendant-  Enforces park ordinances in the parks.
Road Foreman-  Enforces driveway, culverts, and weight limits.
Zoning Administrator-  Enforces town zoning.

I received a citation from a town official. Where can I pay the fine?

You must pay or contest all traffic and municipal ordinance violation citations at the Lake Country Municipal Court at 174 E. Wisconsin Av. Oconomowoc, WI 53066. Their phone number is (262)569-0920.

I received a parking ticket in the town. Where do I pay it?

You can pay municipal parking tickets at the town hall. The fine can be sent in the envelope provided with the citation, or it can be paid in person.  It must be paid within 7 days.  It can be contested, but there is a $45 fee for a court date. If paid after 7 days, but before 45 days, the fine is $50. If not paid within 45 days, the fine increases to $55, and your vehicle registration will be suspended and renewal refused by the DMV. It will then be illegal to operate your vehicle on the highway.

Do I need a permit to burn?

NO. During extremely dry conditions, the town will declare a burn ban. It is then illegal to have open fires or discharge fireworks. Notice will be posted on the posting boards, the radio stations-WBWI 92.5 FM, and 104.9 WTKM, and the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Does the town regulate the discharge of firearms?


Where can I park to use the DNR lands, Kettle Moraine State Forest, Lowe's Lake Unit?

The DNR has parking lots: In the 900 Block of Emerald Dr., on CTH Q east of the Oconomowoc River, and on St. Augustine Rd. north of Monches Rd. There is posted no parking on the entire length of Emerald Dr, on Donegal Rd east of Hwy K, on Shamrock La. east of Hwy K, and there are several no parking areas on St. Augustine Rd.

Where can I park to use the Ice Age Trail?

You may park east of CTH K on both sides of CTH Q (in front of Blessed Theresa's Church), or south of the county line on CTH E. Other areas are posted NO PARKING, which were done so by the Washington County Highway Department, not the town. Parking regulations are enforced by the sheriff's department and the town.

Where can I park to use the Oconomowoc River launch?

You may park on either side of CTH Q, EAST of the river only. The area west of the river is posted NO PARKING. Parking regulations are enforced by the sheriff's department and the town.

Who do I call about stray animals?

The Town of Erin DOES NOT pick up stray animals. We contract with the Washington County Humane Society for stray animal complaints. Call WCHSat: (262)677-4388. You must have the animal secured before they will pick it up. They will also only pick up during normal business hours. 


Can I use rifles to hunt in the Town of Erin?

The Town of Erin allows the use of rifles during the hunting seasons.