Emergency Management

Emergency Management Director:  Brad Bautz

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Washington County Sheriff        

Emergency  911

Non Emergency 262.335.4378



We contract with three area fire departments for fire protection and EMS service.


They are: Hartford Fire and Rescue    (262) 673.8290 Website

Ashippun Volunteer Fire Department    (920) 474.4223 Website

Richfield Volunteer Fire Department    (262) 628.1601 Website

The Emergency Management Department is a separate department within the town. It was created to deal with disasters, both manmade and natural, that occur within the town. It is headed by the Emergency Management Director, who is appointed to two year terms by the town board. It is a department head position. The director is responsible for securing the annual fire contracts with our contracted fire departments. The position is also responsible for developing and maintaining the town's emergency operations plan. The director is also responsible for continual training as mandated by the state and federal government. The director is also responsible for developing the EM budget,  the vast majority of which over goes directly to the fire departments.

2018 Budget contracted fire amounts are:

Hartford    $159,205.65
Richfield     $ 43,863.86
Ashippun    $ 40,685.00


The director is also responsible for enforcing the town's public safety, health and welfare, and emergency management ordinances.

In the event of a disaster, the director works with the town chair, and the local fire departments and sheriff's department to direct search and rescue efforts, complete damage assessments, and with the town board to enact any legislation necessary to restore order to the town.All areas of the town have 911 emergency service. All 911 calls are answered by the Washington County Sheriff's Department dispatch center. From there, they are able to dispatch a deputy to assist you. If fire or ambulance service are needed, they can immediately page out Richfield. They must contact City of Hartford Police/Fire Dispatch and they will page out their department. They must contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Department to dispatch the Ashippun Fire Department. Which department responds depends on which fire district you live in. There is a link to a map below with the current fire districts.

The town does not have a police department and relies on the Washington County Sheriff's Department for service.