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Family Friendly Community

Parks, Local Rural Schools, and community events 

make Erin Township a great place to call "Home"

In the Heart of the Kettle Moraine

Scenic landscapes and Glacial deposits make Erin the prime location

to view the beautyof the Kettle Moraine

Scenic Grounds and Facilities

Enjoy access to up-to-date facilities in a scenic landscape

Vacation in your own

Back Yard

Scenic surroundings and Impressive Landscapes

Rich in History

The Erin community dates back to the early 1800s

Boards and Committees



Town Board

The Town Board is composed of five elected officials and has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the electors, approve ordinances and resolutions, and monitor the town budget.  The Board meets on the third Monday of each month unless holidays or other conflicts arise.


Chairman - Dennis Kenealy

Supervisor - Jeff Millikin

Supervisor - Dan Coffey

Supervisor - Pat Landon

Supervisor - Daniel Zignego



 Plan Commission

To oversee the Town zoning ordinances and recommend to the Town Board any proposed amendments or changes to those ordinances, to oversee the Office of Zoning Administrator and recommend appointment of the Zoning Administrator, Land Use Planner and Deputy Zoning Administrator to the Town Board and to examine and approve land divisions and plats of subdivisions within the jurisdiction of the Town, andto coordinate any preservation programs or other land divisions or land use programs and recommend approval to the Town Board. The Plan Commission meets on the first Monday of each month unless holidays or other conflicts arise.



   Paul O'Hearn

   Tammy Kennedy

   Brad Bautz

   Randy Wilichowski

   Dave Millen

   Dennis Kenealy

   Helmut Wagner




Executive Committee


The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Town and refer to the Town Board all matters regarding buildings, property, finance, personnel, taxation (including budgets), health and safety, insurance and all other areas that are not the responsibility of another specified committee.  The Committee meets on an as-needed basis on the second Monday of each month unless holidays or other conflicts arise.



Dennis Kenealy

Pat Landon

Bill Kohl

Brad Bautz

Maureen Fitzsimmons - Vanden Heuvel

Dave Millen



 Road Commission


The Road Commission is authorized by the Town Board to supervise the day-to-day activities of the Road Superintendent. In such supervisory capacity, the Road Commission will work with the Road Superintendent to direct the construction and maintenance of highways in the Town, purchase, sell or lease highway equipment and machinery.  The Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month unless holidays or other conflicts arise.



Dan Coffey

Daniel Zignego

Donald Strobel

Jeff Millikin

Bob Schenk


Zoning Board of Appeals


Functions of the Zoning Board of Appeals shall be to hear and decide applications for variances under Chapter 360 and to hear and decide applications for appeal of administrative interpretations.  The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis for specific items relative to variance petitions.



Mark Limehouse

Bob Leidolf

         Bob Borkenhagen

Darnel Wagner

Gene Eggert

Alt:  Pat Landon


Veterans Memorial Committee


Funds received as designated or restricted shall be deposited by the Treasurer in a restricted account, and such funds shall be released only upon the recommendation of the Erin Veterans Committee to the Town Board. Such fund shall be nonlapsing and carried forward until such time that its purpose no longer exists. The Veterans Memorial Committee shall make recommendations to the Park Board relating to the site and shall have continuing responsibility for the Monument.  The Veterans Committee meets on an as-needed basis.



Franklin Tennies

Mike Eggleston

        Jeff Millikin

      Patrick Hansen


Parade Committee


The Parade Committee shall promote, coordinate and facilitate the operation of the March 17th Town St. Patrick's Day Parade.  The Parade Committee meets on an as-needed basis.



Derek Wilcox

          Jeff Millikin



Board of Review


A quasi-judicial board charged with the responsibility of raising or lowering assessments proven incorrect as well as correcting any errors in the assessment roll.  The Board of Review meets in the spring of each year.



John Spielman

Judy Usnick

Beverly Schroeder

Dan Coffey

Brad Bautz

          Brian Greenman

Alt: Pat Landon






Office Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm
  • Fridays Closed
  • Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
  • Thursday 2pm - 4pm
  • FEBRUARY 17-28, 2018